Volunteer with the Tucson Rodeo Parade & Museum

No Parade of this magnitude can be a success without the efforts of our many volunteers. And our Museum staff relies heavily on assistance from our volunteer docents. We graciously acknowledge their support --- the backbone of our efforts.

Anyone with an interest in volunteering is welcome. And your help is always welcome.

What do volunteers do?

There is a wide gamut of opportunities for those with an interest in becoming PARADE volunteers.

Beginning each fall there are regularly scheduled work sessions. At these sessions Parade Committee Members, Associates and volunteers prepare for the February Parade. Others concentrate on the Museum, preparing it for its opening in early January.

Work sessions are Sundays beginning at 8:00 A.M. and lasting through Noon, with lunch and refreshments provided. All work sessions are in the Tucson Rodeo Grounds, 6th Avenue and Irvington Road. A work session schedule is available to all interested individuals.

Parade Day requires a huge effort on everyone’s part to provide a successful event. Volunteers can assist as Ticket Sellers, Course Marshals.

What type of volunteer do we need?

There really are no requirements.

The Parade and the Museum are always seeking persons willing to bring their skills and life experiences, varied as they may be, to assist us. Even if you are unable to attend all work sessions your help will be greatly appreciated.

After the Parade, in mid-March, we hold an Appreciation Dinner for those who have helped the Parade and Museum during the past season. Food, beverages, dancing to the music of a live band as well as fund-raising events provide a good time for all.

How to get started.

Call us at (520) 294-1280 after mid-November. Before that time you may contact any of the individuals listed in our Web Pages.

Come and help. You’ll enjoy the experience!!!

Thank you

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