Antiques Road Show

The Antiques Roadshow filming – June, 2006

We accepted the Roadshow offer to film our Museum as a part of its 2007 programming.

They’d arranged for an appraiser to place values on a number of our carriages and wagons, and set up to film on a very warm (100F.) day in June. The filming lasted for nearly seven hours, due in part to delays caused by airplanes from Davis-Monthan Airbase flying over our buildings during some of the ‘takes’.


The following photos depict the actual shooting, with comments.DSC00152

Setting up to film the opening scene. Director Ines Hoffman, white shirt, orange pants, and part of a crew of 7, including host Mark Wahlberg.DSC00119

Carriages & wagons lined up along Main Street in museum.
The flexibility of the museum layout lent itself to this rearrangement.

Jake photo 10

After a long, hot day, there was some down time, and Bernice Anderson had an opportunity to chat with Mark Wahlberg.

The show was first broadcast in February, 2007, and has been repeated many times, worldwide, since then.

Thank you to the Antiques Roadshow.

The Tucson Wagon and History Museum was featured in the 11th Season Episode 1107, Hour 1

The Museum was shown alongside a  few additional local businesses of Southern Arizona.

Tucson, Hour 1 | Episode 1107

Antique Horse-Drawn Vehicles:
The Tucson Wagon and History Museum

Lazy K Bar Ranch -
no longer an open ranch with accomodations in the Tucson area
Here is a link to some of their photos on TripAdvisor

Tucson, Hour 2 | Episode 1108

Vintage Southwest American Indian Jewelry:
Arizona Inn

Tucson, Hour 3 | Episode 1109

Horses in American Art:
Tucson Museum of Art


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